Apricot Ballroom Soundsystem

Apricot Ballroom, in essence, aims to capture and cultivate a social environment to party in; where people could come together in an inclusive environment, meet people they hadn't met before and lose themselves on a dancefloor. The idea was founded upon the original ethos of the New York Loft: an invite-only inclusive party where the sound was as near to perfection as you're likely to get, and attitudes were inherently psychedelic.

Apricot Ballroom retains all the attitudes associated with a house party but delivers this in a club environment. This is not a drive for exclusivity, but for inclusivity - allowing individuals to express themselves freely within an environment where there is no judgement on sexuality, race, gender. Our intention was always to create a dance floor we would want to be on, and trusted this ethos in its ability to do so.

The sound is always one of the most fundamental aspects of a night, and bad sound can ruin one as easily as great sound can make one. This was a stepping stone we crossed when we put on one of the first parties and the sound was so genuinely terrible it forced us to take this aspect more seriously... And after 6 months of daily searching our dream speakers went up for sale, and taking inspiration from the likes of The Loft, Lucky Cloud, Beauty & The Beat, Brilliant Corners, and other audio obsessives, we finally bagged a pair of Klipschorns. After experiencing them for ourselves it became clear how fundamental quality of sound is to a dance floor. This was the first step towards building the Apricot Ballroom Soundsystem.

The Apricot Ballroom parties are our regular party and run alongside our bigger Mizik Nou parties.

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