Apricot Ballroom

Apricot Ballroom is the foundation for all the parties we run. We wanted to explore the concept of using absolutely no social media to promote, instead using a face-to-face approach, physical invites or our email list, and word of mouth.

The party runs on an almost invite-only ethos (friends and family of invitees are always welcome). Rather than being a drive for exclusivity, this followed an inherent desire for inclusivity, by allowing us to meet and greet the people we wanted to share a close intimate dance floor with.

After 6 months of throwing these events, we invested in our own pair of Klipschorns, taking inspiration from the likes of The Loft, Lucky Cloud, Beauty & The Beat, Brilliant Corners, and other audio obsessives. After experiencing them for ourselves it became clear how fundamental quality of sound is to a dance floor. With each party we aim to invest everything in to improving and maintaining this audiophile endeavour.

If you fancy joining us on this journey, sign up to the mailing list and we'll shoot you over an email whenever we've got a lil something cooking.